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Giovanna Fucciolo is a make-up artist born in Pistoia and currently based between Tuscany and Milan.

Her studies started in the marketing field but her passion for visual arts and fashion soon took over. She then studied special effects in Bologna and New York and started her career in the film industry. She’s been working exclusively for the fashion industry for 10 years, a career she started first by assisting other make-up artists such as Thomas De Kluyver and Pat Mcgrath, until becoming independent.

Her main inspiration comes from painting, with an artistic rather than glamour approach to her practice. It’s evident in her work the taste for the pictorial gesture, the sketch, and this is how she approaches her projects, taking cues from nature - water and landscapes in particular. She loves applying textures, get her hands dirty and get to know the materials deeply. Her style is glossy, marked by an artistic vein that comes close to art and and fine photography.

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